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Our team of experts are dedicated and trained to build quotes within just hours of an application submission

Variety of Industries

We approve funding from a large variety of companies that operate in many different industries

Client Satisfaction

Ensuring that our clients are always number one priority is why we are one of the most trusted funders

Putting your funding to good use

Upgrade Equipment

Hire New Staff

Office Space


Add Inventory

Marketing Efforts

Technology Upgrade

Working Capital

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advances (MCAs) are our most popular offering because of how quickly you can earn funding. We offer these advances for businesses that either need a little support or businesses that need a lot of capital. Additionally, we set up flexible payments that fits your needs! Apply for a Merchant Cash Advance right now by clicking the button below!

Get funded from the comfort of your home

Step 1: Fill out an online application

Complete our online application. Be prepared to submit the last three months of business bank statements.

Step 2: Funds available within hours

Our underwriting team will review your application and once approved, our team will send the funds directly.

Step 3: Set up automatic payments

By setting up automatic payments you will never have to worry about forgetting a payment.

Let's see what our clients have to say

My small business really took a huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so thankful I came across EG Advance and was able to get the capital I needed to save my company!
Jared Stern
Business Owner
The employee I worked with was extremely personable and helpful. I didn't believe them at first, but I got my quote the same day I sent my application in. I actually couldn't believe how quick this process was.
Gabi Rosenblum
Business Owner
Exceptional customer service. Very reliable and responsive compared to other funding companies I've previously worked with.
Shayna Hay
Business Owner
Super easy and helpful. Thank you EG Advance!
Joel Varnai
Business Owner
EG Advance gave me the holiday gift I desperately needed. I used my funding to expand and grow my nail salon business. I hired three new employees and have been able to serve way more customers than I used to be able to. Without EG Advance, I would definitely have less money in my pocket today.
Guy Glen
Business Owner

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